Causes Of Dog Hot Spots-  How Banixx Works On Hotspots

Dogs love to bit and lick themselves – it’s not only how they keep their coat clean, but also how they deal with itches, pests, and wounds. The problem is that when they have an issue, they don’t know when to stop, and as a result, generally end up with a gaping bloody spot on their skin, also known as a hot spot.


So what causes hot spots on dogs exactly? Is it just biting and licking, or can something else cause them to occur? Well, in most cases a hot spot on a dog’s skin is the result of one of three conditions:


Behavioral Issue

If your dog has pent up aggression or anxiety, then he or she might bite, scratch, and lick as a coping mechanism. In this case, they do it so often that they rip of their hair and damage the skin. In this case, it’s not good enough just to yell at them to stop…you have to address the psychological condition that’s behind it.

Allergic Reaction

Dogs get allergies, just like humans – the only difference is that they can’t tell you about it. Also like humans, dogs react to allergens with histamine, which in turn cause the skin and or body to itch. And how would you guess that dogs reaction to itchy skin? You guessed it, they bite and scratch until the itch stops, or the skin is so raw that they can’t scratch it any longer, and even then they often will keep going.

In the case of an allergic reaction, the likely culprit is fleas, but even materials like pollen or certain foods can cause an allergic reaction in your pet. To fix this, you’ll have to both treat the wound and identify and treat the allergen. Fleas can be treated easily, but food allergens are much more difficult to isolate.

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